Last updated 03-08-2014
Welcome on the Homepage of the RQC Championship Soccer Pool on the occasion of the FIFA Worldcup 2014 held in Brazil from June 12th - July 12th 2014. In total 44 colleagues have made the decision to participate in the WK Pool. We are very proud on this and do say now already thanks to all of the participants. That means the 1st winner will receive € 132,--. We hope to have fun during the games. The current ranking can be found on the Ranking page. We will try to update the page as often as possible, but I cannot guarantee that the page is updated every single day. All winners will be named personally at the end of the WK. Let’s hope that the best team will become the Champion 2014. While I am writing this homepage I am watching the openings game  BRA : CRO (3:1)